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Doctor Perspective – The only thing over which you have complete control is your perspective.

“Profitability is not hype. It is the life-blood of all economic activity. Profitability is determined by the efficiency of your assets, and the productivity of your employees. Just as routine maintenance is critical to the efficient operation of your motor vehicles and machinery, so routine physical and mental maintenance of your employees is crucial to their productivity.
My name is Godfrey McAllister. I am a Communications Consultant and Motivational Speaker who specializes in the routine mind maintenance of employees, primarily in the sales and service industries. I also help Entrepreneurs and Team Leaders enhance the communication component of their leadership skills. And all this is executed with the goal of increasing individual and corporate productivity.
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Meet Doctor Perspective

Godfrey E. McAllister, Ph.D., DTM, aka Doctor Perspective, is a Human Relations expert with an enviable track record as a Consumer Advocate, Supreme Court Mediator, Resolution Specialist, Trainer & Coach. His academic disciplines include Theology, Psychology and Counselling. He is also an accomplished Communication Consultant with expertise in strategic writing as well as oral communication.

Dr. McAllister is a career Insurance Sales guru. His accomplishments include being a member of the “Top of the Table” section of the International Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT). While working with American Life Insurance Company (ALICO), he was also the company’s world-wide #1 Personal Accident Insurance Sales Producer for seven (7) consecutive years, each year breaking his own record. 

Dr. McAllister, a gifted Inspirer, has addressed audiences in ten countries outside of the USA. He is a Distinguished Toastmaster, and the three-time Toastmasters International District Impromptu Speaking Champion. He is the author of several books including, “You’ve Got All it Takes to Succeed”, and “Put Him Back… America!”

Dr. McAllister communicates transformationally, graphically, humorously, and inspirationally, as he interacts with audiences in the Community, College, Church and Corporate arenas. Dr. McAllister is a Certified John Maxwell Team Member and adds his own electrifying inputs to the time-tested Maxwell content. Accommodated in his overarching theme of “Empower Your Perspective” are some of his favorite presentations including, “Secrets of Successful Selling”, “To be or Not to be…Sucker or Suckee”, “Dare to Dream and then Become Your Dream”, and “Rise from your Slump and Succeed”.

Dr. McAllister is a Bible Teacher. He has authored and posted almost 500 Commentaries on the “Our Daily Bread” Blog between 2014 and 2016. He has hosted radio programs including “The Children’s Bible Club”, and a television series called, “A God Pickney Dem”.

Whether as your Keynote Speaker, Sales Team Stimulator, Personal Coach, your team’s Mind Maintenance Mechanic, or as a Resolution Specialist, your investment in Dr. McAllister is guaranteed to attract high returns.

Dr. McAllister’s flagship presentation is “Empower Your Perspective”, as would be expected from Doctor Perspective. To date, his message has been pertinently relevant to persons in every situation he has encountered. His oral and written presentations are all crafted from the perspective of His Faith in God. He is first a Christian, and then many other things.

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