[twocolumns]To say that the United States of America appears to be anything but “united” at this time is an understatement. And yet, nothing way out of the ordinary has happened. President Trump offered all of us an alternative to “politics as usual”. But he also offered that alternative within the context of all of the existing election rules with which he had nothing to do. He analyzed the system, and he beat the system. He evaluated both the active and passive moods of the country, and he exploited them both. The odds were stacked against him, and the possible success of his Presidential bid, and he defied the odds. Ignore the swipes about his having to face a weak alternative candidate in Hillary Clinton. If she was so weak, then why did she poll almost 3,000,000 votes more than he did to win the popular vote? Were he not a very formidable protagonist, then how come he demolished a record field of 16 rivals in the Republican Primary to dramatically hijack the Republican nomination? Enough of cheap talk, with or without the help of Russia, Donald Trump worked with the hand that was dealt him, skilfully manipulated it, and won. Now he is the legitimate President of the United States, not forever, but for the time being, until someone else takes over. This is Part 1 of the reality in which we live.

Part 2 of our reality depends on you and me. And that’s what this movement is all about. Very soon the blogs will be buzzing with views and counter views on the micro aspects of our social, political, economic and cultural life in America. However, to contextualize the numerous micro positions, we must establish some basic macro positions. Here are a few.

Stop being obsessed by President Trump. He has done very well for himself and for his family, and as President, is poised to do even better for himself and family, thanks to the ridiculous provision that excludes the President of the USA from being subject to Conflict of Interest laws. A footnote to that statement suggests that we should not be too quick to accept that position as being etched in stone. We need to be obsessed with getting the best deal possible for ourselves. To do this we need a good dose of “reality therapy”, and like Donald Trump, an uncanny ability to exploit the hand that is dealt us for our own benefit. Do not hastily jump to the conclusion that this is a selfish position, because it is. However, “selfish”, as I define it, is not a “bad” word. It is a kingpin of reality. Perhaps the best single illustration of what could be a fairly complex concept is the instruction that the air hostess gives before the plane leaves the ground. “In case of an emergency, put on your own oxygen mask first, before attempting to help those in your care.”

A critical component in my model of “selfishness” is the realization that we need each other. One hand can’t clap. It takes one hand to was another to make both hands come clean. Peter Schickele and others have well said:
“No man stands alone,
Each man’s joy is joy to me,
Each man’s grief is my own.
We need one another,
So I will defend,
Each man as my brother,
Each man as my friend.”

United we stand and divided we fall is a maxim that will outlive our present reality. Republicans, Democrats, Independents and other labels are designed to nationally divide us, not to unite us. Of course there is a place for identification with groups that share our core values. And we owe it to ourselves to aggressively discuss, and defend those values that we hold dear. In fact there is no better way to achieve this than to project them into the decisions that we make through the ballot at election time, and in political activism before that. But never let it be that the things that divide us outstrip the things that should unite us. The underlying proposition of this movement is that neither a Democrat nor a Republican is more valuable than an American. Let that soak in.

Finally, the United States of America were founded on the Christian values of the Bible, the Word of God. This is our historical reality. Those  who do not like it, are free to exercise any of the many choices they have. Despite the efforts of many, we still retain remnants of reminders of the Christian heritage of America. Not the least of these being, “In God we trust” entrenched on what matters most to us, our money. It is the reality of the centrality of God in everything that we do and that we are, and an appreciation of who He is, that requires the President to the prisoner to bow in submission to His will and to acknowledge his Sovereignty. To succeed in every other area of our lives, only to fail in nurturing a healthy relationship with the God of the Universe, is to fail. Full Stop.

Identifying this movement as “Christian” is not an attempt to exclude any American who define or describe themselves as being other than Christian. It is intended to be a tribute to the dominant faith of our Founding Fathers and to those principles on which our Republic was built. Our mantra says it all. “One Nation… Under God… Working Together… Loving Each Other!”

We need you to help move this Movement. Share your views and join the discussion.[/twocolumns]