Keep Your foot on the gas

Life is a journey that is measured in two dimensions – time and distance. Most of us spend about the same time on our journey. But for at least two reasons, there is usually a huge discrepancy in the distance covered in our journey. The first has to do with route planning and goal-setting. But the one on which I wish to focus today is consistent speed.

Life seldom creates for us the momentum that speeds us along our way. But life is guaranteed to slow us down. Life will rain on your parade. Accidents and sickness will happen. Disappointments will abound. All these things and more will help to slow you down. But when it comes to speeding you up, you are on your own. It is your responsibility to determine how fast and how far you want to go in your journey of life, and then burn the necessary fuel. But remember, at whatever speed you determine to travel, life will force you to go slower. So, endeavor to travel as fast as you can. When life slows you down, you will still accomplish more than if you had taken your foot off the gas.

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