Godfrey Ezekiel McAllister was born in Guyana, spent most of his life in Jamaica, and now resides in the United States. To say that he has enjoyed a checkered career is as much an understatement as it is to say that he has lived all his life in service to others. Today, Godfrey has undertaken the greatest challenge of his life, a challenge rooted in his demonstrable love for the people of America, and for the the principles on which it was built. Of the many things that he is and has become, there is only one of which he is unapologetically, unreservedly and unconditionally proud. That is to be a “ranking” Son of God, Joint-heir with Christ and Citizen of Heaven. And therein lies the greatest paradox. People are usually proud of their accomplishments. That of which Godfrey is proud, was accomplished for Him; a claim that is validated by Ephesians 2:8-9.  All his other accomplishments are collectively, secondary.

Educated in the British model, at Queens College in Guyana he secured 9 London GCE Ordinary Level Subjects and 3 GCE Advanced Level subjects. After a semester at the University of Guyana in the Department of Business Studies, he switched majors, migrated to Jamaica to attend the Jamaica Theological Seminar, from where he graduated four years later with a Bachelors Degree with a Major in Theology and a Minor in Psychology. One year later he earned a Diploma in Guidance/Management and worked for 18 months as a Schools Guidance Counsellor in the Ministry of Education.  But it was in the field of Insurance Sales that Godfrey, aka, “G-Mac” was to spend  almost a quarter century of his life. As chronicled in another section, in these 25 years GMac notched up a chunk of collateral achievements.

He added two professional designations to his name – that of Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) and Chartered Financial Consultant (Ch.F.C.). A decade later, he earned his Masters Degree in Theocentric Counselling and published his supporting Thesis – “You’ve Got All it takes to Succeed”. Shortly after he earned his Doctorate in Consumer/Provider Relations, and also published that supporting Thesis – “Winning the War? Consumer Survival in a Free Market Economy”. He served the Insurance Industry as President of the Life Underwriters Association of Jamaica (LUAJ) and Vice President of the Caribbean Association of Life Underwriters (CALU). Many have described him as an Insurance Sales Superstar, creating, breaking and still holding many records in both the local and International Insurance Industry. Notably in his second full year, he qualified for the “Top of the Table” section of the International Million Dollar Round Table. During his ten years working in Jamaica with the Delaware based American Life Insurance Company (ALICO), Godfrey led the Jamaica Sales Force in Personal Accident Insurance production in his first year, lead ALICO’s Caribbean Sales Force in his second year; and then lead ALICO’s world-wide Sales Force in his third year. In his fourth year and for the next six consecutive years, Godfrey was the #1 Personal Accident Insurance Sales Producer in ALICO’s world of over 60 countries, each year, breaking his own record – a feat, never before or after accomplished.

While working with ALICO, Godfrey designed and marketed a Group Insurance dynamic Program for the Jamaica Constabulary Force, Jamaica Defence Force, and Jamaica’s Correctional Officers (Prison Warders). But Godfrey did much more than provide Insurance coverage for Jamaica’s Policemen. He worked with them, laughed with them at tjheir parties, mourned with them at their funerals, celebrated the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat their numerous Sports Events, most of which he sponsored; and counselled them, in both individual and group sessions. He first associated with the Police Force as a Home Guard (Florida’s COP). In that capacity he designed a Police Public Relations program and lectured in the St. Andrew North Police Division, as well as at the Training College of the Island Special Constabulary Force.

His intimate knowledge of, and love for the over-worked, underpaid Policemen of Jamaica caused him to champion their case against the Government of Jamaica, employing aggressive and effective media strategies to accomplish this. The Government finally bowed to the pressure, established a Tribunal to negotiate the Policemen’s case, and the Jamaica Police Federation appointed Godfrey as their Arbitrator on the Tribunal.  The result was a historic victory for the Police that saw them receiving a 300% increase in their wages and Fringe Benefits. Godfrey also did considerable work in promoting harmony among the three branches of the Police Force, promoting the overwhelming good done by the Police, while decisively condemning their occasional, but unacceptable atrocities. One of his lasting legacies in the Police Force is his Police Pocket Companion – “Unshackled” – a 224 page information/motivation booklet designed to be the Policeman’s best friend.

Dr. McAllister worked for five years as a Ralph Nader inspired Consumer Advocate in Jamaica. During this time he founded The United Consumers In Action (UCIA) advocacy group which enjoyed a 96% resolution of over 3000 consumer complaints, without once stepping into court. Several celebrated cases include a classic clash between UCIA and the Courts Jamaica furniture giant. UCIA won, but ensured that Courts Jamaica did not lose, and thereby earned their unparalleled demonstrated respect. UCIA’s advocacy involved multiple media exposures and three  publications authored by Dr. McAllister, including “Young Consumer power” – a word/picture coloring book for children. It’s greatest clash was with Government when it arbitrarily demolished Century National Bank on the basis of underlying political motivations. UCIA forced the Government to repay all the Century Depositors, but its head paid a very high personal financial discrimination price for that victory.

It was from Consumer Advocacy that Dr. McAllister was called into national politics by the then Leader of the Opposition, The Most Hon. Edward Seaga. He was called about three months before the 1997 General Elections, naively turned down the winnable East Rural St. Andrew Parliamentary Division reserved for him by Mr. Seaga, who true to personality style, made not attempt to persuade Dr. McAllister against his poorly informed decision. A few days later Mr. Seaga offered Andrew Holness the Parliamentary Division that he had reserved for him. Andrew, a then employee of Mr. Seaga, accepted the allocation. Today he is the Prime Minister of Jamaica. Dr. McAllister settled for East central St. Andrew, a “garrison” Constituency owned by Dr. Peter Phillips of the ruling People’s National Party. Mr. Seaga’s Jamaica Labor Party lost the Election. Holness won his seat and entered Parliament. McAllister lost the seat he could not win, and was appointed a Shadow Minister in the Opposition’s Shadow cabinet. Dr. McAllister produced the first political manifesto by a Candidate for his Constituents in 1997, a production described by Mr. Seaga as “a concept whose time had not as yet come”.

In 2002, Dr. McAllister joined the 1924-founded Toastmasters International organisation, and immediately began to shatter all known records. He became the first person in the world to earn The Toastmasters International highest Leadership and Communication Education designation of Distinguished Toastmaster in one year. This record still stands, fourteen years later. Dr. McAllister provided leadership and inspiration in the Jamaica chapter of Toastmasters International. In 2012 he clinched the Impromptu Speaking Championship in District 81. Immediately upon migrating to the USA, he again clinched that Title in two consecutive years in District 47. Dr. McAllister’s legacy in Toastmasters includes his quote, “A bird that does not fly, and a fish that does not swim, is like a Toastmaster who does not speak”

Dr. McAllister is a licensed Supreme Court Mediator, and practiced through the Dispute Resolution Foundation of Jamaica before migrating to America. He practices informally as a Resolution Specialist, making use of his mantra, “Whatever the Mind of man can Consciously Conceive and Ardently Believe, he will Inevitably Achieve.”

Dr. McAllister is a trained Children’s Speaker. He worked for several years with the Jamaica Chapter of Child Evangelism Fellowship, and in that capacity, hosted its radio program, The Children’s Bible Club as “Uncle Godfrey”. After leaving Jamaica Child Evangelism Fellowship, Uncle Godfrey hosted and pioneered a Children’s Television serial on CVM TV called, “A God Pickney Dem”. This show was modelled on Uncle Godfrey’s mentor, Art Linkletter, host of “Children Say the Darndest Things”.

Godfrey McAllister is also a Bible Teacher. Before leaving Guyana he served as an itinerant Evangelist in the community of Kitty in Georgetown. Immediately on arriving in Jamaica he was invited to do Evangelistic work in Lewis Store, St. Mary in Jamaica in the Church of God denomination. After an extended period of evangelisation, he pastored the exponentially expanded local Church for several months until an “official” pastor was identified. Godfrey worked with Churches in different Partishes in Jamaica while studying at the Jamaica Theological Seminary.

Most recently, Dr. McAllister, blogging under the pseudonym, Doctor Perspective, penned almost 500 archived “Digging Deeper” Bible Commentaries on the blog site of Our Daily Bread Ministries. Some of these commentaries have been reproduced on this site, while the entire series is being prepared for eventual publication. Doctor Perspective’s mantra is “The only thing over which you have complete control is your perspective.” This mantra informs much of the motivational sessions currently conducted by Dr. McAllister.

Having lived almost as long as Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, Dr. McAllister brings the Christian perspective to bare on Political life in the United States. His core position is that Believers in Jesus are first Christians, and after that, Democrats, Republicans, Independents or non-politically affiliated. Not only must all Christians vote, but they must become at least minimally politically involved as representatives of Jesus Christ in their local communities. Whereas becoming a Senator or Congressman, Governor or President is optional, representatives of Jesus Christ are obligated to actively influence the decisions of these civic leaders who themselves are under the authority of God, as is all of us. The Christian’s support for any political leader must be conditional on what that leader does or proposes to do in every specific instance.  This might very well mean a lack of faithfulness to either the Republican or Democratic positions at different times. And if that is so, so be it. Christians’ loyalty must first be to God, and then whoever aligns themselves with what is consistent with Godliness.

Dr. McAllister has authored  a non-revisionary historical commentary on America’s Christian heritage, called “Put Him Back… America!” The  proposition is that God demands no less than center-stage in our private and public lives. This book is available on this site. President Trump’s Office acknowledged receipt of a copy of this book, but the author seriously doubts that it has been seen by the President. He needs to see the message addressed to him and to all Political Leaders in America on page 14, and directly to him – “Mr. President” –  on page 18.

The Biblical warning in that message is based on the experiences of Kings Nebuchadnezzar and Cyrus. Mr. Trump is now the most powerful man on earth. If and when he consciously and deliberately relies on God for the control and execution of that power, he will be among the best Presidents that this nation has ever seen, and America will prosper. It is in his reliance on and submission to God that his vision of making America great again will find fertile ground. On the other hand, if he chooses to rely on Steve Bannon and any other lesser or greater mortal instead of God, his downfall is guaranteed, and it will make the disgrace of President Nixon look like a poorly choreographed dress rehearsal.[/twocolumns]

HOBBIES & Tid Bits
Dr. McAllister enjoys dancing, meeting people, speaking and watching a balanced diet of MSNBC, Fox News, CNN and other mainstream media news outlets. This he finds to be the scientific antedote for “fake news” and the only counter for “alternative facts”. He wants to help President succeed in making America great again. But the path to that goal must be demarcated by the Nation’s Leaders to return God to His rightful place in this country, which second only to Israel, has benefited from God’s Providence.

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