Trump’s Reality Presidency

[twocolumns]Republicans, Democrats, Millions of Americans and even Melania Trump have unsuccessfully pleaded with President Trump to become more Presidential. It is now clear that Trump will be Trump, and there is nothing wrong with that. Give the man 100% on that score for being honest. In computer language, Trump is what we refer to as WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get. We the people of America elected him as he was. It is unreasonable to expect him to become what he is not. No problem there.

But there is a problem. Apart from the millions of Protest Voters who voted against the Democratic and Republican Parties, and against the Washington Establishment, no one really took Trump’s candidacy seriously. As a result, many people could not have seriously considered the implications of his Presidency. That is a problem. Because now we have an unintentional consequential President. And the hard part is that, Russia or no Russia, according to the measurable indices of American politics and our democratic election machinery, Donald Trump has won the Presidency fair and square. In fact, not only did he win the Presidency, but his “popularity” among the Electoral College voters was mirrored in the down-ticket votes that gave Trump’s Republican Party of convenience, control of both houses of Congress. That raises a potential problem.

To be clear, Donald Trump is too small and inconsequential to be a problem. He is only one man – granted a very wealthy man, but still only one man. Like any other man, he is not indispensable, and it is for this reason, that the President’s Vice-President is as protected as the President, because at any moment he could become the President.  It is we the people that have a problem, which I prefer to think of as a challenge, and from my perspective, an exciting challenge.

Already, Donald Trump, who has little or no hard-core political experience, is realizing that in America “We the People” is not just an archaic phrase in the centuries old Constitution of the United States of America. “We the People” is a living reality that is potentially a far more potent check and balance on Government, than are the three branches of Government on each other. No sooner had Trump won than protests broke out all over America. During his inauguration, protests, as was predicted, provided an interesting ‘split-screen’ television viewing for Americans and the world. The day after his inauguration, Washington, and numerous major cities across America and the world, recorded record number of protestors marching for a variety of reasons and issues, but all in response to their expectations of Donald Trump’s Presidency. Donald Trump was so stunned by the reality of seeing the “picture” of indisputably larger crowds in front of the White House on the day after his inauguration, than those he saw the previous day, that the unthinkable was achieved. President Trump was silenced. Literally, not a “tweet” came out of him nor from his attack-dog White House Press Secretary on the “Women’s March’ – the news of the day. That was great, America.

That said, we do not want to scare Donald Trump into resigning. If he does, we will suffer, and not him. He is already the President, has the approval of God for the moment, and is entitled to all the trappings of President for the rest of his life. He has already undoubtedly put deals in place as a result of his Presidency that will guarantee a spike in his net-worth after he is no longer President. But “We the People” will suffer, because the naked truth is, we need Donald Trump to be President. We need him to quickly understand the parameters of his discounted power under God. There are many of Trump’s intentions that are great. And if nothing else, he will halt, or at least slow a clear liberal trend in the Supreme Court by his Supreme Court Justice pick(s). The LGBT agenda has thrived under President Obama, and that was great for a minority group. We just don’t want the minority taking control of the majority, as was sure to have occurred, had President Obama been given a “Third Term”. As is the case in our North American neighbor and staunch ally, hate speech laws that effectively victimize Christians would have been high on the legislative agenda. This is the number 1 Prayer point for Christians throughout America, as well as for all others who pray.

Donald Trump gets full marks for honesty, for being consistently Donald Trump, before and after his Presidential victory. But he gets very, very low marks, at least initially, for appearing to have lied to the people of America, about his intention to drain the swamp. Of course the infamous fact-defying surrogates of Donald Trump could be expected to accurately retort by saying that Donald Trump never really explained exactly what he meant by “draining the swamp”. Perhaps what he meant is that he would replace poor, disorganized Washington predators with wealthy, billionaire-class organized predators. To be clear, this might very well prove to be a winning formula for America. But only “We the People” can so play the hand that Trump has dealt that it works in our favor. In this regard, one thing we must do is demand that no member of Donald Trump’s Cabinet and influential leadership circle be allowed to increase their net-worth while in office. And this circle must include Jared Kushner-Trump, and Ivanka Trump-Kushner. We celebrate their wealth coming into Washington. But what is acquired while in Washington must stay in Washington.

I encourage all America to take heed to the advice of Thomas Barrack Jr. He is asking that we give President Trump a chance. However, he is asking for 100 days. That is long enough for Donald Trump to inadvertently make Gladimir Putin great again. Donald Trump has already had 75 days as at January 23, to show America his Presidential intentions. We have heard his tweets. We have heard his statements. We have seen his treatment of the press. We have witnessed the disquiet he has created internationally. We have seen his Cabinet selection and have noticed its composition. The one minority black man in a coincidentally otherwise white Cabinet stands out like a sore thumb. If Ben Carson was given the Health Portfolio, at least we could suspect that he was not appointed just because of his loyalty to Donald Trump after being knocked out of the Primary race. The absence of Latinos and other minorities is consistent with Donald Trump’s characterization of them while on the stump. So we do not need to wait for another 100 days to see what Donald Trump will do.

However, we do need to provide him with daily critically constructive support in guiding this great country of ours to even greater greatness. We do need to help him and his Republican Congressional rubber-stamps to defuse Putin’s plan to reap the anticipated harvest from the seeds of discord and doubt that he has successfully planted among the American people, consistent with his documented, demonstrated KGB playbook. If as a people we can save Donald Trump from Donald Trump, then President Donald Trump could go down in history as one of the greatest Presidents this country has ever seen, and undoubtedly, the President that we need more than ever, at this stage of the State of the Union.[/twocolumns]

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