Few things in life are guaranteed. And for as long as Murphy is alive, his law will influence our daily lives.  Our job is to do all in our power to neutralize Mr. Murphy by planning our work and working our plan. But then there are Acts of God over which we have no control. But we can and should have a Plan “B” at all times to help us cope with any emergency. But how do you deal with a Speaker who has a bad day or a worse night, and simply does not deliver?  The Baker’s bread is easily proven to be or not to be merchantable. But how do you effectively measure the value of the Speaker’s presentation, especially when so much of its benefits are influenced by delayed reactions?

Doctor Perspective understands that there are few clinical answers to these questions. Therefore in an Industry-leading move, Dr. McAllister will let you and your audience deterrmine your the level of satisfaction that his presentation delivered. He will also allow you to determine whether or not his performance satisfied your satisfaction and that of your audience. So confident is Dr. McAllister that he will exceed your realistic expectations that he has included in his contract, his Fee Satisfaction Guarantee. This means that in the highly unlikely event that Dr. McAllister’s delivery is below your realistic expectations and that of your audience, you will be able to arbitrarily reduce his fees by any percentage ranging from 99% to 0% of the contracted amount. All agreed event-related expenses will be paid.

To add transparency to his Guarantee, Dr. McAllister and his client will, as part of their pre-event consultations, sign off on a list of measurable expectations. Many of these will be expectations that must be satisfied at the time of the presentation. Others may have more of a medium-term expectancy range.   Fortunately, Dr. McAllister has never had his Gurantee activated by any client, and there is no reason to believe that you will be the first. Let us stay positive and do all in our power to ensure that the value you expect Doctor Perspective to add to your organization is exceeded.