Never Too Late

Like so many other things, “never too late” is not always true. It is always too late to make a first impression, the second time you meet someone. Fortunately, in some very important areas, it is true that it is “never too late”. You have ambitions and goals in life. For one reason or another you may not have achieved what you wanted to achieve by your present age. But your time has not been wasted. You may not have achieved what you planned to achieve, but you have acquired invaluable experiences along the way.

Hopefully, you have created some unexpected, unplanned, valuable experiences. Those count for something. If nothing else, you are now aware of what you failed to do to have achieved your goals. Either way, today you are a more experienced, more focused, and wiser person. With these assets, you are now in a much better position to achieve either your revised goals, or a brand new goal. You’re just in time to prepare for the rest of your life.

One day, it will be “too late”. Fortunately for you, you will not be the one to utter those words.

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